Aeronautike Limited is the leading independent European company specialising in the provision of exceptional support and services in the following three areas of the civil aviation industry:

Supply of aircraft equipment and spare parts.

Arrangement of modernisation, maintenance and repair work of machinery and equipment of aircrafts.

Consultation and advisory services on logistics, security, administrative services and other support services to operators of aircrafts, airports, logistics and passenger transportation companies.

Aeronautike Limited enjoys an excellent reputation among clients in both the public and private sectors because we maintain the highest professional standards. We always complete the projects we start on schedule, within budget, and in the highest quality. Our clients in the public sector range from government ministries to state enterprises such as airports and aircraft construction factories.

Aeronautike Limited receives support in the private sector from well established multinational aviation companies from Europe, South America, Africa, and Middle East. Our extensive network of strategic alliances in both the private and public sectors of the commercial aviation industry enables Aeronautike Limited to experience consistent growth in operations.

Aeronautike Limited goes far beyond simply understanding client requirements. Our team works with the world’s finest aircraft equipment manufacturers, which provides us with in-depth knowledge of the latest aircraft spare parts, components, supplies and avionics. We consistently maximize our aviation support services by putting the most modern, sophisticated technologies into the hands of our highly experienced team members; this arrangement of capital is the foundation of our flexible and personal approach to serving clients.

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Core focus

The core focus of Aeronautike Limited is to provide the following world-class services to
the civil aviation industry:

Supply of aircraft spare parts.

Arrangement of third party logistics and warehousing.

Perform feasibility studies, expert opinions, research work, and project preliminary and detailed development planning.

Arrangement of maintenance, repair and modernisation of aircraft equipment, components and avionics.

Project management, project supervision, commissioning, maintenance and staff training.

Participating in scientific research and design works in order to develop new services and modernise existing services.

Warranty administration, stock management, rotable component administration, tool calibration and other specialist consultancy services.

Organise the training of client personnel in maintenancing aircrafts using new integrated technologies.


At Aeronautike Limited we are adaptable and responsive to our clients’ needs and wants.


Aeronautike Limited is represented by H.H. Francisco de Borbon Escasany, the Duke of Seville. His Highness is a senior board member at various European corporates operating in the financial and manufacturing sectors. The following merits are held by His Highness: Cross of the Civil Merit of Spain, Grand Cross of the Red Lion of Finland, Grand Cross and Grand Collar of Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (Ex-Grand Master), Honorary Freedom of London (Freedom Honoris Causa), Night of the National Order of the Republic of Mali, Night of the National Order of the Ivory Coast, Honorary Consul of Mali in Spain (2003-2016).

Executive board of Aeronautike Limited originate from various senior management positions of European private and public companies operating in aviation and defence sectors:

  • Repair and maintenance facilities of aircrafts and land machinery.
  • Aircrafts and land machinery manufacturing factories.
  • Central and regional airports (security, ground handling and infrastructure maintenance & development departments).
  • Foreign trade companies specialising in worldwide sourcing and delivery of machinery (land and air), equipment and spare parts.


We aspire to become a global player in the aviation industry and we know there’s only one way to do it:

Put all of our energy and expertise into helping our industry partners and clients prosper.

We will accomplish this aim by constantly modernising and expanding the network of our services.

We are always monitoring the macro trends driving the aviation industry’s growth. One such development is the investments inflow into the construction and modernisation of new and current airports worldwide. Aeronautike Limited will continue to develop its advisory, logistics, security, administrative and various other support services for airports, logistics and passenger transportation companies.

Aeronautike Limited aims to ensure the services and products we deliver are technologically superior, and that our after-sales services are excellent. We strive to reach favourable terms of purchase agreements with our product manufacturers because this has a positive ripple effect on the conditions under which we deliver products to our clients.

We continue to leverage our team’s collective talents, relationships and experience in order to form strategic alliances, develop effective procurement capabilities, and provide world class support services.


For general and operations inquiries, please fill out the following form in order to contact us:

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Head office address: Office 1, 185 Wine Pressers Wharf, Marsa, Republic of Malta

Head office telephone number: +356 2010 6129